Buying Fruit Online In Malaysia Has Never Been So Easy.

It is likely that buying fruit online has never crossed your mind because you think, among other things, that it can go wrong, that by not selecting them yourself they will be of poor quality, that they are more expensive, etc. 

The first thing you need to know is that OnGrocer organic oranges follow strict quality control as well as an optimal ripening calendar, in which it is assured that the orange is at the perfect time to consume it. On the other hand, all the oranges come from sustainable and organic crops whose collection is done with an elaborate system that guarantees that it goes from the tree to your table in the best of conditions.

Once this process is finished, they are packed, after cleaning, separation, categorization, etc., in boxes (of course recycled corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging printed with ecological ink and recyclable seal that helps to maintain the environment. ) of 9 kg., about 25 units approximately.

As you can see, OnGrocer take care of every last detail, but the endeavor is not here to offer you the best on earth. At cameron vegetables delivery Malaysia, together with the best logistics companies, they get the oranges to your home in 2 or 3 working days.

Now comes the easiest part of all, the online purchase of these products. If you want to try to buy OnGrocer products, you can do it by clicking here. As you can see, both the selection of the products and the payment process, etc., is very simple. With this w OnGrocer e facilitate the online purchase and that in a few steps you have made and finished your purchase.

The sale of fresh products through e-commerce platforms has been detonated since March, however, consumers are still not buying fresh products at the same rate as the products with a longer shelf life.

Retailers have the opportunity to see how they position fresh produce in their online catalog. They should consider suggestive sales strategies in addition to price, while location and recipe suggestions create customer engagement.

Consumers buy more than 40% of fresh produce in the physical store and get the fruits same-day delivery Malaysia. Applying the same concept on a digital platform can substantially increase the demand for fresh produce. Read our blog to learn more about articles similar to this.