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The bachelor’s degree in tourism refers to level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework. Its mission is to prepare students to be active citizens in a democratic society, prepare them for their future careers, allow their personal development, create and maintain a big base and a top level of information, thorough research, and innovation. 

The bachelor in tourism occupies a position of responsibility in any tourist structure or related to tourist and leisure activities. He exercises a function of coordination, advice, and supervision, in direct relation with the managers. 

It designs, develops, manages, organizes, supervises, promotes, sells tourism or leisure projects and products, coordinates teams and service providers. It collaborates in the development of tourist sites and infrastructures. 

His activities lead him to work in any company, organization or public service on a local, regional, national or international scale, both in Belgium and abroad, for all types and all forms of tourism. He can also work as a self-employed person and create his own business. 

His knowledge on the one hand of tourist, cultural, natural and heritage resources, as well as of the economic, legal and social context and on the other hand of the actors who manage them allow him to integrate into the different branches of the sector. 

It establishes a function of monitoring and relaying the expectations of tourists, target audiences as well as the offer or even changes in information and communication tools and media and adapts its working methods to these changes. It incorporates into its activities the code of ethics for tourism, the concerns and practices of sustainable tourism and legal requirements. 

Masters › Tourism Management

Many students going to pursue master degree agree to explore a prospectus focusing on the tourism business. Holding an advanced degree in this area offers a competitive advantage in this highly coveted field.

What is a Master in Tourism Management? 

A Master in Tourism Business Management equips students with essential knowledge, such as developing a business project, increasing income, advocating for sustainability, and managing natural and human resources. Program applicants will learn about also the elementary building blocks of tourism, comprising universal topics like management. 

Numerous reasons are there that why students select pursuing Masters of Tourism Business Management, for instance they will become acquainted with a variation of ideas such as communications, ecotourism, and conflict management, and tourism marketing. 

Individuals who earn their master’s degrees are often in high demand for a number of positions that are becoming increasingly competitive, including travel agencies, tour guides, and tourism marketing managers. Students of Widad will develop stronger skills. They will also give office management course subjects, giving us communication and marketing Foundations by teaching us how to interact through intensive learning experiences with our peers, professors, and industry professionals from around the world.

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