How to choose stainless-steel accessories correctly

A setting is determined from the type and temperature of the fluid. The type and temperature of the fluid have a great influence on the quality of the gaskets, so it must be suitable for local conditions when choosing. If the stainless steel quick connection is air, we can choose a steel connector. If the stainless-steel quick connect is water, we can choose brass or stainless-steel fittings. We can select the appropriate accessories according to the pressure of the liquid. Fluid pressure is also the key to choosing stainless-steel fittings. The pressure tolerance of different structures is different.

The conditions

Moisture, dust and corrosion of different conditions have a great influence on the wearing effect of accessories. Before use, we must combine the stainless steel quick fitting type, body material, sealing material, etc., and choose the appropriate conditions.


According to the size of the fluid to determine the type of fitting, and must also be equipped with the corresponding shape and size of the pipe.

What are the main plumbing materials?

When talking about current plumbing material, fittings distributor malaysia refer to PEX, PPR, Polybutylene, Multilayer press fitting, Multilayer compression and copper. All of them are distinguished by the following aspects, which condition their selection:

  • The price differences for pipes and fittings
  • The ease of installation
  • Its rated pressure
  • The maximum temperature at which they can work
  • The expansion at a certain temperature
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Multilayer press fitting

The use of multilayer in plumbing is the most common nowadays within the interior installations of homes. Its resistance and low coefficient of linear expansion make this material especially suitable for radiator heating installations. In addition, unlike all the previous ones, it maintains the curved shape, making it the most comfortable tube to install for use in the most commonly used diameters (from 16 mm to 32 mm).

The  press fitting system for multilayer is based on a pressed union of the stainless steel bushing, which guarantees the mechanical union of the pipe and the fitting. One of its keys is that it ensures the tightness of the tube-accessory by exerting the precise pressure on the O-rings by means of a press machine.

Multilayer compression

The multilayer pipe is one of the most used, the finishes offered excellent and good value. These pipes are white and can be bent with the application of tube bending springs. They easily withstand the temperatures and pressures involved in heating installations.

The installation of this type of pipes is carried out with compression pieces, manual, and the use of tools is not necessary to make their union. 

This same system can be used in a large number of accessories, such as valves or appliance keys.


The plumbing parts of copper are common in traditional heating, gas and water. Its installation goes through the use of bending tubes and, to a greater extent, the realization of tin welds. It must be taken into account that copper is in disuse, and is replaced by multilayer pipes.

What materials are used for sealing in plumbing?

In addition to knowing the different plumbing materials with which one usually works, one must also take into account the various options available to join the pipes and the corresponding accessories of an installation. In this way, its tightness is guaranteed by means of a thread.

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