The evolving trend of video games

Video games are starting to become more popular in recent years. Most people, even now, still think that video games are only for entertainment and unhealthy for youths and children as it causes addiction to video games at an early age which will affect their education. However as COVID-19 cases are spiking lately, everyone is forced to stay at home and find entertainment at home through Youtube, TV or playing video games. Video games can also help children at a young age to provide education that you could not get anywhere else. 

As video games grow in popularity, video game developers struggle to create video games to stand out from their competitors. For example, League of Legends and DOTA 2 are the most popular MOBA games and among the most popular e-games Malaysia have to host their own local tournaments in gaming events or smaller tournaments held in cybercafes. Between the year 2003 to 2020, many games were developed to compete in the MOBA genre to stand out more than both LoL and DOTA 2, but most of them stood inferior against their major competitors no matter how unique their gameplay mechanics are.

During the same period of time when MOBA games were popular, there was a game that completely stood out the most among all of its competitors, Dark Souls. Dark Souls is a game famously known for its insane difficulty and challenges that no other games could have offered during its release. Unlike any other games, players control their character with standard medieval weapons and magic. Otherwise, their character has no special trait and the game goes against how video games work. For example, most games would allow you to take a mass amount of hits before dying, but Dark Souls punishes their players for poor timing and inexperience and seeks their players to improve through trial and error. Dark Souls was such a huge hit that a genre was named after it which is called souls-like to indicate the difficulty and similarity to the game.

Additionally, gacha games are on a rise in the gaming industry. as most of the games attract players with their anime-like aesthetics while some would not succeed. Similar to loot boxes, gacha games involve players spending currency to roll for playable characters and equipment with different games having different approaches on how and what their players can get. Genshin Impact is an example of a gacha game that hopped into the bandwagon and introduced players to an open world with beautiful anime aesthetics, but every playable character beyond the free 4 characters are locked behind a banner that are tied with one of the most ridiculous drop rate with whopping 0.6% for highest tier characters in addition to a separate banner for weapons which is optional for players who wish to deal more damage than the weapons they are able to obtain through other methods.

Overall, video games are always changing to the current trend to attract more players while offering unique mechanics that makes them stand out from their competitors for better or worse. However, video games should not be disregarded as an important aspect of an individual’s life as it can help to form their personality and improve their education if done correctly.

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