What Are Their Characteristics And Benefits For Construction?

Concrete admixtures are organic and inorganic chemical compounds added during the mixing process, which provide the same in a fresh or hardened state with properties or improvements that it already has, such as plasticity, setting time, resistance, among others.

Features and components.

The physical characteristics of these products will depend on their chemical composition. These can be powders (density, particle size,% solids by volume, color, hardness, and texture), liquids (density, viscosity, ph, VOC and absorption), or fibers (modulus of elasticity, elongation, denier, resistance to tension, melting point and ignition), stated manufacturer and marketer.

When it is about additives, it is been refered to the entire range currently used to improve and / or add to concrete in order to achieve greater durability. One of the most relevant products are water reducers or also called cement reducers, that is, the technology of plasticizer and superplasticizer additives.

The objectives of this process are to slow down or speed up the setting time; provide greater fluidity to the mixture; provide increased resistance; increase the capacity of the concrete.

Construction benefits

Additives provide various advantages to construction, and their use depends on the need of each project or area. If you require greater fluidity in the concrete, depending on the mix design, you can choose between plasticizers or superplasticizers, which help to obtain a mix with the required consistency, without segregations, by engineer.

There may also be a need for stripping in less time, so a setting accelerator or initial strength additive could be included in the concrete mix. If what you need is to improve the quality of the concrete when blurring, you can opt for the use of release agents based on polyurethanes, hydrocarbons or oil-water emulsions.

These compounds make it possible to modify the properties of concrete in a fresh and hardened state, and thanks to this quality it is possible to overcome any technical design and construction challenge, thus facilitating the manufacturing, transportation, placement and finishing process of the material.

Retardant chemical supplier Malaysia additives, which decrease the rate of hardening of the concrete, are used to counteract the accelerating effect of the hot climate on the hardening of the concrete. High temperatures generally cause an increase in the rate of hardening, which makes placement and finishing difficult. The retarders keep the concrete viable during laying and delay the initial concrete set. Most retarders also work as water reducers and can take some air into the concrete.

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